What is "Winning with Customers?"

Simply put, "Winning with Customers" is about B2B companies improving their competitive advantage by making their customers more money than their competitors. If successful, companies find themselves in a better position to compete on value and drive better financial results than say, their low-cost competitors. If you are part of an organization that looks to avoid commoditization or compete solely on price, you will likely subscribe to the "Winning with Customers" philosophy. In many companies, however, there is a large gap between philosophy, execution, and results. The reasons B2B companies struggle to put theory into practice can vary:

  • Not a deep enough understanding of its customers
  • Customer understanding never finds its way into planning or execution
  • Reliance on individual surveys versus a continuous process
  • Organization not aligned or involved
  • No playbook for the Organization to execute against

The solution is installing a system of customer value creation into your commercial organization... similar to what "Six Sigma" or "Lean" has done for the manufacturing industry. The focus of this site is to help companies get on a path to "win" with their customers, by learning and sharing experiences with their customer value creation systems. At your disposal are publications, events, thought leaders, case studies, exercises, and forums to foster your organization's path to winning. Please learn, share, act, and engage.

When successfully implemented, a system for "Winning with Customers" in your organization will enable better customer-informed decisions, a sales force that is more effective by competing on value creation, and a value proposition that is continuously understood and improved through measurement. The end result is a happy customer base, sustainable competitive advantage, and improved financial results.