I. Why We Lose
II. Define Winning
III. Playbook

These chapters provide an executive overview of the formula for Winning with Customers. In these chapters you will find the Six Big Ideas that will help your organization accelerate profitable growth. They discuss the Four Breakthroughs contained within the winning formula that we believe sets the approach apart from others. And, real experiences are shared from real companies that have delivered significant results using the approach. These companies and their business cases are discussed in depth.

IV. Winning Metrics
V. What Does Your Customer Think?
VI. Informing Decisions
VII. Executing Value Creation and Value Capture
VIII. The Scorecard

These are the ‘winning plays’. These chapters are filled with lots of practical information to help you put the winning formula into practice in your organization. This is where practicioners can learn with reasonable detail how to do the work of Winning with Customers and understand if your customers make more money by doing business with you relative to competitors.

IX. Getting Started
X. Sustaining and Scaling: The Maturity Model
XI. Summary

These chapters will help you get on the path to action within your organization. They also cover some of the pitfalls experienced along the way – providing helpful advice whether you are undertaking a small project or one that involves an organization with 10,000’s of employees. It must be admitted that the unifying theory on the subject of change management has not been discovered. It is still a lot of hard work. These chapters share some insights from years of work with many companies that will help you successfully implement this approach in your business. And then we conclude with a summary of the book which English teachers suggest to always include.