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Jerry, Keith and the team have created one of the first systems I have found that truly allows us to learn what our customer values and use that information in the daily operation of the business, from investments to sales planning and execution. The logic of what they have done is flawless and brilliant. What is even more powerful is that it is all based on an approach that creates tools and capability which will generate benefit for our customers and our company for years to come.

Karel Czanderna, Group President, Building Materials, Owens Corning

This book captures the invaluable lessons learned from a nearly decade long journey focused on perfecting the business science of creating value for customers in the so-called business-to-business (“B2B”) segment of commerce. Keith and Jerry have clearly arrived at an important destination. Not only has the customer value creation (“CVC”) science been significantly advanced, it has been proven by real world application is numerous B2B settings. This book provides a deep insight into the discoveries that can help you win with your customers and ultimately increase the value of your business.

Glenn Dalhart, retired Partner, Ernst & Young management consulting

The approaches in this book have made a difference in our business. Winning with Customers has brought new life and energy to our selling approach.

Denis John Healy, CEO, Turtle Wax

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