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Our tools range from simple calculators to Render®, a web-based software platform that makes "Winning With Customers" simple, scalable, and sustainable.


DVP% Calculator

Still trying to figure out how the DVP% metric explained in Chapter 4 applies to your business?  This 5-step calculator will add context and provide an eye-opening experience for others in your organization.

The Winning Checkup

After reading the 400+ pages for Winning with Customers, you might be asking "where do I start?"  This 10-question diagnostic will help you identify the parts of the playbook you should work on first.  If you haven't read the book cover-to-cover, this tool can guide you the specific sections to focus on.


Whether it was just one chapter or the entire book that peaked your interest, Render® turns the concepts from the book into something an organization can touch and see.  It is customizable to your business, with a quick and easy setup, and integrates with all of your key enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc).

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